How to Behave at a Marijuana Event or Party

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Marijuana hasn’t been legal in many states very long, so many people don’t know how to interact with it. If someone is attending a party, but hasn’t smoked before, they don’t want to risk embarrassment by doing something wrong. Use this guide to learn more about proper party manners and blend right in.
Most of the Same Rules Apply
Marijuana events are parties and the same house rules apply. While some people may try to dismiss manners due to their altered state of mind, hosts can still kick them out. Here are some basic tips to help ensure behavior is on par:

  • Greet the host when entering.
  • Bring a positive attitude and snacks or supplies.
  • Be social and meet everyone.
  • Don’t run straight for the food or supplies.
  • Don’t eat or smoke and immediately leave.
  • Be kind to others, offer to bring them food if they can’t get up.

These specific rules also apply to most marijuana-themed parties:

  • Help those who seem to intoxicated to help themselves.
  • Be mindful of anxiety or other side effects from marijuana use.
  • Keep topics light-hearted and positive.

It Might Not Be Ok to Be Disruptive
Even though the theme of the party is marijuana and everyone is likely using, partygoers need to be very mindful of their surroundings. Party themes can differ from place to place, especially since marijuana is being used in by a wider range of people. If a friend is hosting a marijuana-friendly dinner party, they might not tolerate loud or obnoxious behavior. If unsure how to act, ask the party host well in advance and approach the situation cautiously.
Always Share
At a marijuana event, it is usually assumed that anything brought in is being shared. The marijuana is meant to be enjoyed socially. Grabbing a bong and hiding in a corner alone isn’t usually acceptable behavior. In most cases, participants will sit close together and talk while enjoying marijuana at a party. Participants should also be very mindful of how much they are smoking. It is very rude to take long pulls or kill a whole bowl alone.
Don’t Be Wasteful
It isn’t uncommon for people to need a short break in-between hits. Even if someone needs a moment to catch up, they should not hold on to the smoking device that was passed to them. If no one is smoking, the supply is still burning. Instead pass it along and know that it will eventually return.
While they are a fairly new concept, behaving at a marijuana-themed party isn’t difficult. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask the host or friends what is acceptable behavior.

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