5 Unique Tips to Make a Marijuana Event a Success

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Hosting marijuana events can be a fun, enjoyable experience. Use these quick tips to help make the party stand out and keep guests happy:
1.   Remember that weed is not a theme
While marijuana is the focus of the party, it isn’t a substitute for a real theme. Choose a generic theme like the 1960s or masquerade to keep things interesting. To make the party even more memorable, try thinking of a unique theme and a way for guests to interact with it. For example, hosting a duct tape party where everyone wears clothes or accessories made from the tape.

2.   Set the mood with the right décor
Décor is what makes a party interesting. Create a relaxing mood with tranquil music and candlelight, or liven up the party with eye-catching, colorful decorations.

3.   Serve a wide range of food
No party is complete without refreshments. At a marijuana party, people may get random cravings or want to eat a wider range of food. Serving multiple dishes and drinks allows them to find exactly what they are looking for. Not only will this keep people at the party longer, it can be a great conversation starter.
To make sure the right amount of food is being purchased, estimate the number of people who will be attending the party. Divide that number by two or three, then purchase that many different snacks. For example, if a party is expected to have 10 guests, buy 5 different varieties of chips, dips, vegetables, candy, or other snacks.
4.   Have supplies readily available
Not everyone smokes marijuana the same way. At a marijuana event, the host wants their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed. While some people may bring their favorite bong, it is the responsibility of the host to make sure everyone has what they need to light up. Grab extra papers, one-hitters, pipes, and other supplies to make sure everyone is well-prepared.

5.   Plan activities for the event
Many times, party planners focus on the idea of having marijuana at their event, rather than planning the event itself. While sitting around and smoking can be enjoyable on its own, planners should schedule some form of entertainment. Create a loose schedule for the evening and have plenty of alternative activities planned. Pull out the board games or suggest a few movies to help keep the environment fresh and enjoyable.
There is no wrong way to throw a party, but there are some ways a person can guarantee success. By choosing a theme, setting the mood, offering snacks, and planning multiple activities, hosts can keep their guests entertained for hours on end.

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