How to Plan a (Legal) Marijuana Event

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With April 20th quickly approaching, many marijuana enthusiasts are hoping to make plans for the upcoming celebration. While pot parties aren’t exactly a new concept, they are still one of the most popular types of marijuana events. Those living in states where marijuana is legal could easily plan a personal event if one of the many others going on don’t speak to them.

Planning a marijuana event in a state like Alaska, California, Nevada or Colorado isn’t like planning a typical party. There are still a few extra legal hoops to jump through before inviting everyone over.

Understanding Age Restrictions

Marijuana laws vary drastically from state to state, as legalization is still a new concept. In some states, such as California, cannabis is regulated in a similar way to alcohol. Only adults 21 can legally buy and smoke marijuana. Some states are actively working to lower the age to 18.

Know Current Carrying Laws

It doesn’t matter if an event is public or private, reading up on current marijuana laws and regulations is a requirement when throwing a party. States that legalized marijuana usage in the past year have all released explanations of the new laws online. 

Asking for Cover

Cover charges at marijuana events are always a tricky topic discuss. When hosting a party and providing weed to guests, the host cannot charge a cover. A cover cost could be interpreted as selling without a license, and therefore illegal. Cannabis-themed events are a little different, as the host isn’t providing the marijuana. Public marijuana events do not provide products, and in some cases, do not allow enthusiasts to actually smoke on the premises. 

Accurately Anticipate Guest Count

When planning a party at home, hosts don’t usually need to worry about heightened security; they know everyone who will be attending. Those hosting public or larger events will likely need to discuss their plans with local law enforcement agencies or private security companies. Discussing intent, and in some cases filing for city approval, helps verify that the event is being planned according to the law. Providing an accurate guest count and planning all details well in advance will work to the hosts advantage in most cases.

Planning Activities

Marijuana-themed activities can include almost anything. When planning a home-based event, hosts have creative reign over activities. For public events, hosts will need to think of something unique to attract guests. Consider adding a secondary theme to the event, such as a type of music or game and go from there.

Planning a marijuana event can be exciting. There are endless opportunities for creative people hoping to create the next big event. Whether hosts are planning on bringing together a small group of friends or advertising a city-wide extravaganza, they should understand the local laws and prepare all details in advance. This will help ensure that all aspects of the event go smoothly.

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