What to Know About Beginning Medical Marijuana Use

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When an individual suffers from chronic pain, loss of appetite and nausea from chemotherapy, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis pain, symptoms of HIV, seizures or any other condition that causes pain or lack of appetite, medical marijuana is extremely useful for providing short term relief. When a person wants to begin using cannabis, there is some important information that they need to know. Learning the basics of cannabis use will allow them to successfully incorporate it into their treatment plan and this is the vital information to know before starting medical use:


How it works - It’s important for a person to understand how medical cannabis will work to relieve their symptoms. Doing some online research, speaking to staff at a local dispensary, or attending some marijuana events that are centered around medical use are all ways that an individual can get the information they need on how cannabis affects the body and some of the basic science regarding how it works.


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Where to buy - Individuals who are interested in medical cannabis use should familiarize themselves with their local dispensaries and find out what they need in to get the products that they want. Before buying cannabis products for medical use, they must apply for a medical card, either by mail or online. Being a cardholder has several benefits such as being able to buy more cannabis from a retail location, grow more plants, save money on taxes, and more.


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Ways to take - Individuals who wish to use cannabis for medical treatment have several options for how to take it and which products are available for purchase. Going to a local dispensary and speaking with staff will give an individual the information they need to get started. They may wish to experiment with several forms of cannabis, potencies, and types of products so they can find the right combination that works best for them and gives them the most relief from their symptoms.


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Side effects - In addition to helping managing pain and increasing appetite to stimulate weight gain needed in cancer and HIV patients, there are a number of other side effects of using cannabis. Before beginning medical use, patients should familiarize themselves with what these marijuana side effects are so they know what to expect. Not knowing what the side effects are can lead to panic when using for the first time as a person will not know if what they’re experiencing is normal.


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Pros and cons - Like any medication a person takes, it’s important for the user to know the pros and cons associated with the drug. While there are many benefits to medical cannabis use, there may be some side effects that individuals find unpleasant and this will be a factor in their decision on whether to they wish to begin using it. Individuals who aren’t sure about whether medical cannabis is right for them are encouraged to be open to trying it once so they can experience it first hand and see for themselves if it’s an effective option that they want to continue using.

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