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New laws in Colorado allow for recreational marijuana sales, which has opened new business opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to open dispensaries around the state. Just like other types of stores, dispensary owners must have the proper certification, education, and knowledge so that they can adhere to cannabis sales guidelines and provide the best service to their customers. There are a number of key points that a business owner must master in order to run a successful dispensary. Some of the areas for owners to focus their education on include:

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Responsible sales - Dispensary businesses must adhere to the state laws that govern the sales of cannabis. Owners must become educated on how to dispense cannabis in a responsible manner. This includes learning about permits, inspections, liability, the amount of cannabis that can be sold in different areas in the state, and guidelines regarding where the product can be used. It’s also critical that dispensary owners understand the physical effects that cannabis has and learns about tolerance levels, methods of consuming cannabis, and the effects from various plant types on the body. Completing education in these areas will earn the business owner a Responsible Vendor certification.

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ID verification - Anyone under the age of 21 is not permitted to buy cannabis products and business owners must be diligent about checking IDs of everyone who wishes to make a purchase in their store. Owners must learn the guidelines on what the acceptable types of ID are, common errors in checking IDs, the penalties for selling cannabis to minors, medical marijuana cards, and how to manage the privacy of patients and customers.

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Product training - There are a variety of cannabis products on the market and dispensary owners must ensure that they are educated on the types and guidelines for tolerating each product. Basic product tolerance training should provide the dispensary owner with information on what tolerance levels are, how potent products are, how to create proper dosages. Owners should also learn about the variations in smoking and vapor-type cannabis products and the timeline of how long it takes for the effects to occur. Edible products should also be understood, including the differences in the various types, their pros and cons. Finally, product training should touch on sublingual and topical cannabis products and what their benefits are.

State standards - There are a number of regulations in Colorado regarding the weight standard, how to weigh cannabis units, how to convert potency, and standards for the amount that is legal to sell.

Other basics - Dispensary owners are expected to be knowledgeable about other miscellaneous information such as customer service best practices,

cleanliness procedures, safety procedures, and various aspects of harvesting and pruning cannabis plants, and should be able to inform customers on further education and marijuana events around Colorado.

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