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With the new Colorado law that allows people to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes, a number of dispensaries and retail stores have opened in the state. Many entrepreneurs see the business opportunity that was created by the new law and the number of new dispensaries opening in the state will likely continue to increase. Consumers wish to find the best cannabis products from the best stores, and in order to do so, they should consider several factors which include:

Is the store properly licensed?

Any retail location that sells cannabis must be licensed by the state of Colorado. It is illegal to purchase cannabis products from any dispensary or store that is not licensed, so consumers should also ensure that any shop the wish to purchase cannabis from has the proper permits in place.

Is the staff knowledgeable?

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Whether a consumer is a first time user or has been using cannabis products for a long time, store staff should be able to provide information on any questions their patrons. The best stores will employ staff that is knowledgeable about the varieties of cannabis, the effects on the body, how to get started with cannabis, and the various ways to consume cannabis products. Staff with the right knowledge can provide better customer service and can make recommendations based on a customer’s needs and preferences.

Does the store sell high quality products?

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A good marijuana dispensary will sell only the best quality products to their customers. In addition to high quality cannabis, they should carry a wide selection of cannabis varieties and products that are needed to use cannabis. Like any other type of store, the best stores will offer a good selection of products so that customers can purchase the varieties of cannabis and related accessories that are right for their needs.

Is the store clean?

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Any good retail cannabis store will be clean and well-kept. If a customer enters a store that’s poorly lit, doesn’t have sufficient signage, is dirty, and shows any signs of being in poor care, they should take their business elsewhere and look for a store with higher standards of cleanliness. The appearance of a store can be indicative of the quality of their products and their customer service.

Does the store have a good reputation?

Even though Colorado dispensaries have only been in business for a short time, there already be some that are more highly acclaimed or more popular than others. Consumers should look for recommendations from friends or from marijuana events to find locations that carry the best products, have the biggest selection, and have the most knowledgeable staff. Stores with great reputations will quickly stand out in the industry. Consumers will benefit from determining the best stores and purchasing their cannabis products from those retailers.

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