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Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensaries

With the new Colorado law that allows people to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes, a number of dispensaries and retail stores have opened in the state. Many entrepreneurs see the business opportunity that was created by the new law and the...

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Responsible Marijuana Dispensing Education

New laws in Colorado allow for recreational marijuana sales, which has opened new business opportunities for entrepreneurs who wish to open dispensaries around the state. Just like other types of stores, dispensary owners must have the proper certification,...

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The Economic High of Marijuana

With the legalization of medical marijuana in 28 states and thus far, 4 states have decriminalized weed for recreational purposes, we must take a look at the economic impact created by these changes. The most obvious advantage is this means more jobs....

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Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana

Surprising Health Benefits of Marijuana In our society, marijuana has been long considered the demon seed that leads to drug addiction. However, several progressive states are beginning to acknowledge the growing number of scientifically proven health...

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